Do you remember the old advertisement for Calgon? The lady of the household had appeared to have a rough day and was soaking in a luxurious over filled, bubble bath, apparently to take her thoughts away from everyday home life. Hmmmm, don’t we wish we could all do that. Who in their right mind would fill their tub that full? Oh, that’s right, when we succumb to that, we are not in our right mind, we are looking for an escape.

I have found a great alternative for my “Me Time”. I have an ongoing love affair with my Keurig and now I have found a cost-effective source of coffee and chocolate for my Keurig – Cafe Escapes! They have Cafe Vanilla, Cafe, Caramel, decadent Dark Chocolate Flavored Hot Cocoa and many, many more flavors. I found it at my local store, online and even Wally World for less than 80 cents a cup. They are very flavorful, rich, satisfying and decadent, perfect for giving me lift anytime of the day.

I think I now need a little bit of Cafe Escapes and Calgon to take me away! Won’t you join me? Not in my tub! You in your tub, me in mine, you know what I mean!